About Our Product

We use only natural henna and premium ingredients for our henna paste. No chemical additives or color dyes are added. The application of henna paste feels like a relaxing spa treatment and conditions your skin.

Our henna formula combines natural powdered red henna leaves with fragrant tea tree oil (let us know if you have allergies), sugar, lemon juice, and black tea for a natural, fragrant and soothing paste that is applied to the skin with a small soft plastic cone, similar to icing a cake.

Once applied, the henna paste should remain on the skin at least two hours, but four or more is best. For the very darkest color, keep your henna on overnight. A mixture of lemon juice and sugar is applied to the paste design to seal it to the skin and "set" the color. For bridal henna and large henna designs, we offer wrapping to protect and seal your henna for the ultimate dark color.

The depth of the color varies from person to person and the care given to the design. Chlorinated water and lotions with exfoliants or acids will shorten the life of your henna tattoo. The stain will vary from beautiful orange-brown to a deep mahogany depending on where it is on your body.

Moisturizing each day with olive oil or body oil will lengthen the life of your henna. Designs generally last from five days to two weeks, and up to three weeks on soles of feet and palms!  In addition to traditional and bridal henna, we offer beautiful henna gilding with coloured crystals and glitter.

About Our Services

Create a private henna party! We provide henna designs for a variety of occasions to suit your needs. Henna tattoos make unique and fun party favours for birthdays, batchelorette parties, and bridal showers.

Traditional Mehndi is a stunning accent for brides and wedding guests, and is also a wonderful gift for baby showers on pregnant bellies. Parties can accommodate henna designs with Middle Eastern or Oriental themes, including corporate events and indoor or outdoor celebrations or festivals. Henna Oasis is happy to accommodate all of your private events.

If you are planning an outdoor event, we can set up our beautiful Henna Tent to lavish your guests with patterned fabrics, rugs, incense, and music. We also welcome you, your florist, or decorator to create that perfect space for us to adorn and pamper your guests. Our henna artists will arrive in themed clothing (Middle Eastern and Gypsy combinations) to complete the setting of your special event.

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~Dani Lachuk